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When is the best time to book your Makeup Artist and Stylist?

At least 6-9 months in advance. With a busy wedding season ahead, dates are moving fast. The more the better.


Is a Trial Run required? 

Not required, but highly recommended. Your trial is a day for you to work with your selected artist of choice to go over your "day of" wedding details and desired look. 


Why do Makeup Artist charge to travel? 

Just like everything wedding-related, your makeup artist is providing a service for your day. Many artist often have to buy products to keep in stock, Sanitize after each person, pack and carry lots of things from venue to venue. Travel in personal vehicles to different states, sometimes multiple times a week, spend hours if not, all day with a Bride, and if your artist is anything like me, he or she is going to go above and beyond to pamper their brides that day.


Do I need to bring my own makeup? 

I get this question a lot, but the answer is No. I provide professional brand makeup for all skin tones and types.

Unless you prefer to use your own personal foundation and/or you have a certain brand that you prefer. 


How do I know if you are available for my wedding day?

Glad you asked. The best way to find out if I am available for your wedding day or not is to contact me via my bridal inquiry form (preferred) or to contact me directly by email or phone. 

Please allow up to 2 business days for response.


Note: Your wedding date will not be reserved until all needed documentation and payments have been received. 

Inquiry Here

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